SPC Software – Statistical control of manufacturing processes

Monitor the quality level during the manufacturing process from the inspection plans, which consist of dimensional or attributive characteristics. QUASAR SPC makes control information available by batch in real time, provides a large statistical data capacity for a better knowledge of process indicators and a better reactivity to production hazards

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Real-time monitoring of manufacturing process variations
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Replace defect detection with defect prevention
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Motivate production staff by placing them at the heart of the quality management system
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Make quality controls automatic
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Anticipate tool replacements before variations
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Calculate averages and standard deviations automatically
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0 paper : your production data are digitized and centralized


Configure the characteristics to be inspected

Managers can configure user rights, procedures and control frequencies. The configurations generally apply to a reference or group of references, associated with a machine or group of machines.

Configure the inspection plans on :

  • Attribute or Dimension characteristics,
  • Sample size,
  • Distribution, Type of applicable charts
  • Data acquisition mode,
  • Additional traceability criteria.
  • Alerts management (quantities, frequencies…)
  • Instruction sheets
  • Drawings, diagrams
  • Quantities to achieve
  • Goals
  • OEE
  • Scrap rate
  • Quantities / meters
  • Compliance of grinding frequencies
  • Estimated end date of WO
  • Remaining quantity to produce
  • Activation “blockage” output
  • Flash alerts
  • Bar graphs or tables display

Save production quality controls in real time

SIMPLICITY ! It is the keyword of the operator whether in manual or automatic mode. A bar graph system with color management and visual animation keeps the operator informed of the position of their measurement in relation to the tolerances.

The inspection plan is started with a MO number or with the pair reference / machine.

The opening mode is done via :

  • A unique number of the procedure
  • A barcode reading,
  • An external file,
  • A choice from a list,
  • Function keys,
  • Curative or preventive management
  • Manual entry or via connected instruments,
  • Dynamic results and in real time,
  • Colour code of the results status and real-time alerts,
  • Bar graph or table display,

At each procedure launch or each entry, traceability information can be associated with the recorded measurements. This data can come from external files without operator intervention, be read via barcode or can be manually entered.


Control process variations with SPC control charts

The operator can visualize on their screen one or more several control charts (inertial chart, multi-cavity chart) so as to monitor the quality level of the production in real time.

The screen groups the measurement chart (average, median, individual values, EWMA, small series…) and the scatter plot (range, standard deviation, Cp or Cpk).

QUASAR helps you to interpret SPC statistical data and your production data : out-of-tolerance parts, process capability, scattering, associated procedures, etc. All your control data is integrated in a single page, allowing you to have an overview of your processes.

Assess the capacity of the processes through capabilities

Several dashboards are available in standard to monitor the evolution of the capability indicators in the form of graphs and matrices based on the centering / scattering pair provided with the software.

Based on an existing procedure, with entry of study measurements or from the data entered in the SPC workstation

  • Procedure index
  • Reference
  • Machine
  • Last set of limits
  • Invalid points
  • Characteristic values
  • Centering / scattering indicators
  • Sample distribution
  • Control and test report
  • List of controls performed for each of the characteristics
  • Capability indicators
  • Readings, sampling…

Edit/test the capability in different situations :

  • Measurement variation
  • Tolerance variation
  • Incidence of nominal values
  • Standards incidence

How does the QUASAR Suite meet the traceability needs of manufacturers ?


Ensure process traceability

To fulfill its primary function, the SPC QUASAR module collects data in large numbers. It is a recording software (measurements related to MO number traceability elements, material batch, workshop temperature…). 

All these data are interconnected, which makes it possible to make very precise operations by crossing the different criteria.


QUASAR SPC has been shaped with 30 years of use and development in various sectors.

Especially designed for industries focused on part monitoring, most of our references are in the parts subcontracting in large series field, particularly in the turning industry (comprehensive grinding profile integrated).

unfinished automobiles in a car plant

Control process variations with QUASAR


Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy Set Up

Only one software to install. Lightweight architecture.

Digital Continuity

We retrieve your data and connect it to your systems


We coordinate the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and abroad



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The world of QUASAR

The Digital factory close at hand

QUASAR is one of the only actors in the market to offer innovative digital solutions, enabling companies to enter the era of the Factory of the future and become smarter, more agile and within a well-defined budget.

With our modular M.E.S.* Suite, we offer manufacturers and industrialists from all sectors the opportunity to highlight the value of their data, analyse it and enhance it throughout the production chain, in integration with the information system and the teams already in place.

Even though our products can be directly linked to machines, we place people at the heart of the digital environment. We work on a daily basis to make our solutions ever easier to use, sustainable and progressive. Our key words : quality, reliability, simplicity, reactivity. Indeed, we are one of the few software publishers to be ISO 9001 certified.

*M.E.S. = Manufacturing Execution System