Quality teams

With QUASAR, you can say goodbye to multiple documents and Excel tables that are difficult to keep up to date !

The Industry 4.0 offers various ways to save money through production monitoring, preventive equipment maintenance and real time quality control. Just like the other departments of the smart factory, the quality department is experiencing a digital transformation and must find tools allowing to save time, be more responsive, and make communication between the different departments of the company easier

Nowadays, quality teams need to reduce the administrative workload of controls in order to make time for strong value-added tasks. Digitalization is also a major asset for the homogenization and prioritization of quality data.

The benefits of QUASAR M.E.S for your quality teams

Cost reduction

Ensuring quality control of the parts produced reduces defects and non-quality, which costs a lot. 

Continuous improvement

Better quality level and control of continuous improvement thanks to the management of quality processes during the production.

Data capitalization

All quality data is collected, centralized and homogeneous in a single system.

Enhanced traceability

The QUASAR M.E.S allows to track data and processes from raw materials to finished product. This is a great asset to meet quality standards.

A great assez for audits

Be responsive and efficient during audits. The centralization of data within a single tool and all the related analyses are a great asset for your quality audits.

Key indicators

Consolidate the results by providing key indicators from one or more manufacturing sites.

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