Approval software – Incoming goods inspection

Manage the quality level of suppliers’ incoming goods the statistical control of batches on recorded incoming products. The application will determine the type of measurement to take depending on the incoming goods history. Based on the collected results and the expected quality level, the batch will be approved or rejected. The QUASAR Approval software can also inspect fruits & vegetables, seafood, meat or any other perishable foodstuff, while guaranteeing the traceability and the feedback of information to suppliers.

your benefits
High responsiveness towards suppliers regarding observed non-quality
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Optimal feedback regarding hazards on all logistic sites thanks to the alerts et notifications system
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Real time monitoring of suppliers and references. The software calculates your indicators and suppliers' score
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Save time thanks to the automation of plans and control classes
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No more double entry thanks to the connection between your ERP and QUASAR

Practical examples applied to the food industry

Suppliers ratings

Quality management for a product linked to a supplier. Automatic class change management.

Incoming inspection management

ist of the daily incoming goods to inspect, sampling plan.

Real time view of the controls

Definition of procedures and characteristics (attributive or dimensional).

Consultation and controls’ entry from a tablet

Network and multi-media operation. Web interface for the suppliers.

Sending and notification of control reports

Alert and notification system to ensure maximum responsiveness for managers.

Access to incoming inspections by user profiles

Customization of the application according to the user. Total access security.



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