Manufacturing operations management software

The module QS-opé has a very simple interface allowing the operator to quickly input production data while being guided. It is especially adapted to industries with longer operating times or to activities that do not necessarily require real time management (assembly, line set up, etc.).

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Aim for a "0 paper" policy
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Digitization of your manufacturing operations
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Guide your operators


Guide the operator through the processes

The module provides the possibility to track a set of operations through a very simple HMI. The type of entry allows to guide the operator and locate them in the process.

  • Sequencing of operations step by step
  • Management of operation phases that allow to limit entries by distributing times over several operations (adjustment / assembly)
  • Distribution of operations by machine
  • Management of operator authorizations by machine
  • Electronic work instruction
Assisting operators is very important in order to reduce non-quality. Indeed, some quality problems are due to human error (training problems, lack of formalization...). The module QS-opé provides operators with the necessary information to guide them in their daily tasks.

Monitor the progress of operations

All the contributors have access to dashboards in order to control the variations of the production means as quickly as possible and thus anticipate costly downtimes. Production information is displayed in the workshop to guide operators.
  • Operating time
  • Workshop event (downtime causes…)
  • Quantities and scrap
  • Components
  • Web Dashboards
  • MO / operation (traceability, progress, duration…)
  • Downtime causes and duration
  • Scrap rate
  • Repetitive operation errors
  • Process analysis

Just because you are no longer in real time on this module does not mean you do not want to maintain traceability on the manufacturing process. It is possible to perform quality controls on an operation with the use of a dedicated control chart.

Some of the information entered can easily be transferred to the other quality modules of the Quasar suite. This applies, for example, to non-conformities in connection with the module QS-NC/AC.

In order to restrict manual entries in QS-opé, an interface with your ERP / CAPM software is available. The update is both upward and downward.

Easy access to the documentation

Documents are available in real time and the workshop is aiming for a zero paper approach. Ensuring the right version of a document meets quality requirements.

Digitization is an essential component of the Factory 4.0. The documentation must be digitized in order to be made available to the operator in real time and in the right version.

  • Display of the documentation on the operator workstation (plan, operating procedure, machine documentation, etc.)
  • Operator guidance via supports available on the workstation
  • Management of the document versions in order to make the right versions available

More information about QUASAR’s document management system

One more step towards Industry 4.0 !

The digitization of production data makes it possible to substitute physical documents (usually paper) with digital/electronic media.

Today it is a real challenge because paper has always been a part of our lives. To reach this goal, production workshops can be equipped with a smart IT system that centralizes all the data collected by operators, without adding to their daily workload.


Monitor manufacturing operations with QUASAR


Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy Set Up

Only one software to install. Lightweight architecture.

Digital Continuity

We retrieve your data and connect it to your systems


We coordinate the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and abroad



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The world of QUASAR

The Digital factory close at hand

QUASAR is one of the only actors in the market to offer innovative digital solutions, enabling companies to enter the era of the Factory of the future and become smarter, more agile and within a well-defined budget.

With our modular M.E.S.* Suite, we offer manufacturers and industrialists from all sectors the opportunity to highlight the value of their data, analyse it and enhance it throughout the production chain, in integration with the information system and the teams already in place.

Even though our products can be directly linked to machines, we place people at the heart of the digital environment. We work on a daily basis to make our solutions ever easier to use, sustainable and progressive. Our key words : quality, reliability, simplicity, reactivity. Indeed, we are one of the few software publishers to be ISO 9001 certified.

*M.E.S. = Manufacturing Execution System