Qs-maint makes it possible to maintain and ensure the efficiency of your industrial equipment. Therefore, you keep the potential of your tools and ensure production continuity under the best overall cost conditions. Optimize the equipment’s operating costs throughout their lifespan and improve the know-how of everyone to create an improvement process.

your benefits
Optimize the distribution of preventive between corrective maintenance
your benefits
Make significant savings on the maintenance budget
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Improve responsiveness and avoid stock shortages
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Increase your visibility on schedules and interventions


Identify and register the equipment

  • Family
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Characteristics
  • Family, section
  • Origin
  • Characteristics
  • Sub-set
  • Parts B.O.M

The tree structure consists in registering and organizing the equipment according to a functional type architecture (site, workshop, island, line, machine…) or a geographical type architecture (building, area, sector, installation…).

At any level, you can associate documents such as drawings, documents, or photos.
This feature is enhanced by the integrated DMS module which ensures the correct version of documents.

Equipment management is the backbone of the Maintenance system. It allows to describe in a simple and exhaustive way the technical or functional tree structure of the equipment as well as the spare parts' B.O.M of which it is composed. This module is based on the "self-learning" feature which allows the update of the B.O.M with each part output.

Manage your purchases and inventory

The use of this feature is often extended to all material movements of a production unit. The user has complete control over the availability of spare parts to perform the scheduled interventions under the best conditions. Inventory optimization allows to reduce the value of fixed assets in the long term !
  • Stock entry (Incoming goods)
  • Drop-off multi-wareouse
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Drop-off multi-locations
  • Stock withdrawal
  • Inventory
  • Alert thresholds
  • Suppliers / Manufacturers management
  • Purchase requisition including visas
  • Control of delivery time
  • Return to supplier

At the heart of maintenance management, spare parts stocks are tracked and managed as soon as the spare part has a code and a description. But other types of information are available : drawings, where-used, valuation, replenishment threshold, alert threshold…

Trigger and schedule interventions

  • Staff, technical means and equipment availability
  • Scheduling of preventive procedures
  • Management of curative interventions
  • Graphic planning boards
  • Intervention requests (RI)
  • Work orders (WO)
  • Intervention reports (RI)
  • Visa management
  • Graphic representation of the maintenance schedule
Any type of action can be taken: preventive, corrective, new work, compliance... Interventions can be recorded whether or not they have been the subject of a preliminary work order. The analysis of interventions makes it possible to optimize the resources of the maintenance department in order to maintain the potential of the equipment.

Handle your maintenance budget

Thanks to this budget functionality, you will have a permanent and synthetic view of the amounts allocated and the amounts committed. This allows you to measure and analyze your maintenance costs.
  • Budget estimated / spent / committed / completed
  • Allocation of budgets by period (week, month, year), by work center
  • Allocation of budgets on all levels of the tree structure
  • Budget management including operation, investment and heavy maintenance

Analyse and decide

  • Analysis of failures (cause, duration, availability rate…)
  • Turnover rate, inactive items, stock movements…
  • Costs (breakdown, intervention, subcontracting, maintenance…)
  • Analytical follow-up by budget line
  • Distribution of budgets on the levels of the tree structure…
Thanks to this budget functionality, you will have a permanent and synthetic view of the amounts allocated and the amounts committed. This will allow you to measure and analyze your maintenance costs.

Manage your maintenance operations with QUASAR


Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy Set Up

Only one software to install. Light architecture.

Digital Continuity

We retrieve your data and connect it to your systems


We coordinate the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and abroad




The world of QUASAR

The Digital factory close at hand

QUASAR is one of the only actors in the market to offer innovative digital solutions, enabling companies to enter the era of the Factory of the future and become smarter, more agile and within a well-defined budget.

With our modular M.E.S.* Suite, we offer manufacturers and industrialists from all sectors the opportunity to highlight the value of their data, analyse it and enhance it throughout the production chain, in integration with the information system and the teams already in place.

Even though our products can be directly linked to machines, we place people at the heart of the digital environment. We work on a daily basis to make our solutions ever easier to use, sustainable and progressive. Our key words : quality, reliability, simplicity, reactivity. Indeed, we are one of the few software publishers to be ISO 9001 certified.

*M.E.S. = Manufacturing Execution System