Do you handle a large number of measuring instruments ? Ensure the traceability and accuracy of your measurements by managing your instrument fleet with the Metrology module of the QUASAR Suite. The tool manages the production and control means and the manufacturing tools. This involves monitoring preventive interventions (calibration, maintenance) and curative interventions (repair).

your benefits
Traceability of the instrument fleet : all your measurement tools are identified and located
your benefits
Better movement of metrology tools between production sites
your benefits
Localization of measuring instruments
your benefits
Simpler audits thanks to the compliance of your fleet with the current quality standards
your benefits
No more instruments forgotten during periodic monitoring


List and classify measuring instruments

Using the input wizard, organize your measuring instruments according to your defined rules : 

  • By family
  • Sub-family
  • Category
  • Test bench
  • Operation procedures
  • The locations
  • The sites
  • The movements
  • The third-parties
  • The means families
  • Delivery order
  • Dispatch notice
At the very core of companies' quality approach, measuring equipment management includes the techniques used to make measurements, ensure their reliability and interpret them.

Ensure the traceability of instruments and measurements

The data sheets are used to collect all operations performed on the device. They are mandatory to ensure the traceability of measurements. They also allow to manage depreciation and investments.

Scan the instrument label and find all the traceability information you need : 

  • Instrument ID
  • Location of the instrument
  • History of measurements
  • Operation procedures
  • Reference to calibration, maintenance, verification procédures.

Schedule interventions and calibration frequencies

Ensure the instrument is fit for purpose through the scheduling of interventions on the instruments, in relation with the data sheets. 

  • Participant
  • Date and nature of the intervention
  • Interval between two calibrations or checks
  • Use-by date
  • Alerts and reminders on delays
  • Generation of the calibration certificate and verification report
Calibration verification ensures the capability and conformity of the instruments with the manufacturer's specifications and triggers the commissioning of the instrument.

Exploit data, create capability studies

Several dashboards are available in standard to monitor the evolution of the capability indicators in the form of graphs and matrices based on the pair centering / scattering provided when acquiring the software.

Analysis features calculate the delay, status, cost and availability indicators of your instrument fleet.

  • Evaluation of measurement uncertainty
  • R&R & Control means capability indicators
  • Capability calculations
  • Excel exports

Quality is our DNA

As a long-standing actor in quality control, we are the only company on the French market covering all quality control and management needs through our M.E.S Suite.

Integrated into your Quality system, QUASAR manages and centralizes all aspects of the industrial quality management : types, frequencies and control means, technical constraints, non-conformities management, ranking of the best suppliers, action plans, statistics… 

Manage the measuring equipment with QUASAR



Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy Set Up

Only one software to install. Lightweight architecture.

Digital Continuity

We retrieve your data and connect it to your systems


We coordinate the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and abroad


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The world of QUASAR

The Digital factory close at hand

QUASAR is one of the only actors in the market to offer innovative digital solutions, enabling companies to enter the era of the Factory of the future and become smarter, more agile and within a well-defined budget.

With our modular M.E.S.* Suite, we offer manufacturers and industrialists from all sectors the opportunity to highlight the value of their data, analyse it and enhance it throughout the production chain, in integration with the information system and the teams already in place.

Even though our products can be directly linked to machines, we place people at the heart of the digital environment. We work on a daily basis to make our solutions ever easier to use, sustainable and progressive. Our key words : quality, reliability, simplicity, reactivity. Indeed, we are one of the few software publishers to be ISO 9001 certified.

*M.E.S. = Manufacturing Execution System