Features dedicated to automatising the inspections on supplier incoming goods before putaway according to the batch acceptance criteria. Based on the approval history, the application will determine whether controls should be reduced or reinforced. In case of non-conformity, alert your internal teams and suppliers with e-mail notifications and send pictures.

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Fewer controls on entries
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Enhanced supplier quality monitoring
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Control operations on incoming supplies made easy and more reliable
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Full traceability on received batches
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Sped up quality assurance procedures


Define the type of control to perform

Configure the controls which will define whether or not to accept a received batch : quantity, quality, rejection threshold, etc.

  • Enter the list of suppliers 
  • Determine the type of control to carry out
  • Define the sampling plan
  • Define the trust plan
  • Depending on the incoming goods history, the inspections will be conducted systematically or randomly
The incoming quality control is an operation which consists in checking if the articles received are compliant with the prescriptions issued in the purchase requisition. It applies to the packaging and its content. Generally speaking, the control of articles is both qualitative and quantitative

Approve or reject batches received with the inspection wizard

When defining the characteristics to be inspected, the user enters the information without necessarily paying attention to the order : it is unclear at this stage to know which characteristics should ideally be inspected first.

Based on the collected data, the control assistant recognizes the characteristics which have the highest rejection rate. If they pass the tests, the inspection can proceed. Otherwise, there will be no additional controls.

Alert suppliers and internal teams in case of non-quality

Thanks to the implementation of a collaborative incoming inspection system, you are able to react quickly and significantly reduce the costs related to non-quality.

Send suppliers photos of products received with defects (dimensions, colors or other…).

  • Edit control reports which include the rejection thresholds and the measurements results.

  • Send notifications and alerts to inform internal or external teams of an issue on a batch received.

Create quality action plans

Speed up quality assurance processes by reacting quickly when non-conformities are detected during an inspection.

  • Quality claim form
  • Suppliers’ action request
  • Non-conformity report
  • Internal monitoring of actions
  • Non-quality cost evaluation
Thanks to the implementation of action plans, optimize the quality level of suppliers and speed up quality assurance processes.

APPLICATIONS of the QUASAR incoming quality control

  • For Industrial activities
    QUASAR helps the decision-making process of the inspector and the quality manager by allowing them to avoid a material shortage in the workshop (especially in just-in-time organizations), and to limit the causes of non-conformities in the rest of the industrial process. The receptions can come from an external system such as ERP or CAPM.
  • For the Food Industry and Retailers
    QUASAR Incoming Quality Control allows distributors and food industry professionals to check the conformity of goods coming from suppliers according to the specifications. The controls are carried out on representative samples with several tests : coloring, appearance defects, size, firmness, juiciness… The approval report provides an explanation for the decision to approve or reject the batch.

Learn more about approval management


Inspect suppliers' incoming goods with QUASAR


Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy Set Up

Only one software to install. Lightweight architecture.

Digital Continuity

We retrieve your data and connect it to your systems


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