Production teams

Place the workshop at the heart of the smart factory !

As part of the factory 4.0, the digital technology extends to all areas of the company by being present throughout the entire product lifecycle. Production teams must be guided through the automation and digitalization process. To remain competitive, a factory 4.0 must evolve as fast as the digital technology. It is necessary to aim for optimal efficiency of the workshop(time, quality) with reduced costs and risks. The work of operators must be made easier with an enhanced collaboration.

A production team 4.0 needs tools to ease the decision-making process, trigger the dissemination of information and enable real-time process management. It must be able to use innovative solutions while keeping people at the heart of the industrial process.

The benefits of QUASAR M.E.S for your production teams

Reduction of machine downtime

Tracking workshop data in real time and guiding operators will help avoid costly machine downtime. 

Decision-making made easy

Indicators and analyses are available to managers in order to help them make the right decisions. 

Better dissemination of information

Each member of the production team has access to the information they need (field data, goals, documentation, etc.).

Enhanced traceability

The QUASAR M.E.S makes it possible to track data and processes from raw materials to finished product. This is a great asset to meet quality standards.

Greater workshop responsiveness

Alerts and notifications are triggered in real time. Operators can react immediately in case of variations.

Predictive production

A lot of data is capitalized in the Quasar MES. The data must then be correlated to foresee what will happen in the workshop.

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