Management teams

Easily manage your production workshops thanks to the centralization of quality / production / maintenance data

Cloud computing, Big Data, Machine learning… The manager must support innovation in order for the company to remain competitive.

To ensure the digital transformation of the company, the involvement of management is essential. The factory of the future must evolve very quickly, as must the tools used by all the teams. Management teams must take decisions that reflect the complex and dynamic context of the smart factory. 

The Industry 4.0 benefits all the company’s departments which are no longer isolated. M.E.S. tools make it easier to share information by providing real-time consistent data. Whether operational or management resources, all levels of the company can benefit from the digital revolution.

The benefits of QUASAR M.E.S for the management

Enhanced process

Better control of the company’s flow thanks to optimal effectiveness of the processes. 

Decision-making made easy

Real-time view of alerts and access to all the consistent data. 

Better information sharing

Sharing information to optimize the collaboration between different stakeholders.

Risk reduction

Optimal efficiency of production processes with minimal risk.

Resources management

Quality information to better assist the teams and empower te collaborators.

Real time correction

Carry out corrective actions almost instantaneously thanks to real-time information feedback and customizable alerts.

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