At the core of the Digital factory, the QUASAR M.E.S. Suite allows manufacturers to benefit from a modular solution for quality management, manufacturing monitoring and traceability. Quality management can be combined with manufacturing monitoring features to obtain a comprehensive workshop management tool, linked to the ERP and the supply chain.

your benefits
Reduction of quality controls thanks to statistical process control
your benefits
Material saving, scrap reduction, qualification of machine downtime
your benefits
Enhanced production management
your benefits
Reduced risk of human and material error during manufacturing
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Complete traceability through the combination of Quality / Production / Maintenance data
your benefits
Faster decision-making thanks to instant OEE calculation, workshop indicators, variation alerts...

Examples applied to the industrial sector

Implementation of manufacturing monitoring

Better production management. Critical parts of the production are qualified.

Optimization of cost prices in the manufacturing workshop

Operational quality management in a lean approach.

Access to workshop indicators

Production overview. Visual and participative management.

Implementation of auto-control on operator tasks

Reduction of human error risk through stronger involvement of production staff.

Reduction of quality controls

Preventive assessment of process capability according to specifications.

Manufacturing process traceability

Implementation of a complete traceability over the entire duration of a device by combining quality, production and maintenance data.

Our industrial clients

« Thanks to QUASAR, the tools move around much more between the sites. Everyone has embraced the product, we wouldn't go back. »
Industrial Development Project Manager
« The most important thing at NTN-SNR is the level of research and innovation present in the group. It's a company of engineers who are eager to master all things, it is something we have in common with QUASAR. »
IT Manager

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