Maintenance management and equipment monitoring software

Track production in real time to collect manufacturing data. Production indicators are available in real time, providing an overview of the yield rates (OEE) and the relevance of the action plans implemented. Control your manufacturing process and improve the performance of your production units.

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Anticipate and reduce machine downtime
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Digitalize low value-added operations
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Be responsive in terms of workshop hazards
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Capitalize production data
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Monitor material consumption

Collect workshop data and monitor the manufacturing process

  • The times
  • The events
  • The quantities / meters
  • The material consumption
  • The traceability (production context, reading, etc.)
  • Scrap recording
  • Scrap causes identification 
  • Scrap analysis
  • Scrap rate
  • Link to the non-conformities and corrective actions module
  • Recording of batch numbers
  • Bar code label management
  • Recording material non-conformities

In order to limit manual inputs in QUASAR-FAB, an interface with your ERP / CAPM is available. The update is both upward and downward.

QUASAR-FAB allows you to collect workshop data in real time. This data will be valuable indicators to limit your machine downtime and reduce your costs. It saves a significant amount of time and avoids re-entering errors. Its implementation is a real asset in the context of a continuous improvement process.

Integrated grinding management !

The purpose of Quasar-Fab’s grinding option is to reduce the risk of producing non-compliant parts due to the cutting tool.

Grinding management includes all the steps of your activity for tool follow-up (control, grinding, change, alert, history and traceability). Thanks to the grinding management, you can manage your tool replacement and stock management processes while boosting your auto-control in production.

milling detail on metal cutting machine tool at factory

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Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy set up

Only one software to install. Lightweight architecture.

Digital continuity

We retrieve your information and connect it to your systems


We coordinate the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and abroad

Quasar MAINT in action

The world of QUASAR

The Digital factory close at hand

QUASAR is one of the only actors in the market to offer innovative digital solutions, enabling companies to enter the era of the Factory of the future and become smarter, more agile and within a well-defined budget.

With our modular M.E.S.* Suite, we offer manufacturers and industrialists from all sectors the opportunity to highlight the value of their data, analyse it and enhance it throughout the production chain, in integration with the information system and the teams already in place.

Even though our products can be directly linked to machines, we place people at the heart of the digital environment. We work on a daily basis to make our solutions ever easier to use, sustainable and progressive. Our key words : quality, reliability, simplicity, reactivity. Indeed, we are one of the few software publishers to be ISO 9001 certified.

*M.E.S. = Manufacturing Execution System