Our Services

QUASAR offers 30 years of expertise to help you carry out your projects and guide you through the process. To this end, we offer you a range of services starting from the deployment phase and up to the operational phase to provide you with a product customization tailored to your needs.


Our multilingual support team intervenes for the correction of anomalies and operating faults.


We train your teams to use our products and to the M.E.S software environment.


Our team of consultants assists you on a daily basis for a successful deployment of our solutions.

Maintenance of the equipment

We offer a turnkey installation of industrial terminals to complete your IT equipment. Equipment maintenance is integrated in standard.

Maintenance and version upgrades

Our team guides you through the versions' upgrades and through the evolutions related to the life of your company.

Seminars and User groups

We organize friendly day-long events for our customers to discover new versions, exchange with our teams and share feedback with users.

Our Methodology

Project deployment

Definition of the schedule, delivery of the project launch report
Integration of old data
Delivery of a Prototyping report
Our test cell performs simulations to eliminate possible development bugs
5 - Training
We train your teams to use the product on your French or international sites
We assist your teams until they are autonomous and independent with their tasks

Our Methodology

Quality Policy

We attach great importance to the quality of our services and the satisfaction given to our customers. It is reflected in all our internal processes and applies to all our teams.

All our features are tested by our test team before delivery of developments to our customers. The risk of bugs or malfunctions is reduced to a minimum. It also means fewer back-and-forth movements and a significant time gain.

The team QUASAR operates according to the agile methods principles. The self-organization of teams allows much more responsiveness to meet customers’ needs, increases the fluidity of deliveries, and makes it possible to manage more effectively risks and changes during the delivery.

QUASAR evolves daily through customer developments and technological innovations. The product owner keeps a roadmap up to date and meets regularly with their teams to give a clear course for all future developments.

QUASAR is ISO 9001-2015 certified. All internal processes comply with the standard’s requirements. To ensure regular follow-up of service quality and to strive for continuous improvement, each department communicates monthly its performance indicators and its areas of improvement to our quality referent. The latter regularly monitors the correct application of the standard’s key principles and ensures optimal operation of the company’s quality processes.

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Our Methodology


We offer three levels of services according to your support needs.


Level 1
  • Bug fixing
  • Software update releases


Level 2
  • Remote training
  • Remote support and reports editing


Level 3
  • On-site intervention
  • Specific developments