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Who are we ?

QUASAR Solutions is a software company that has been publishing and integrating quality control and manufacturing monitoring software for over 25 years. Over 6 000 workstations have been deployed worldwide. Our software suite allows you to manage and control quality in your company and monitor your production units.

Placing Quality Control at the heart of your information system

QUASAR Solutions is a central component of your production facility. The QUASAR suite and its SPC module are part of an auto-control approach. It allows you to monitor the quality level of your production during production. Our modular offer can even go beyond that and can be adapted to your company’s needs and pace :
• Metrology
• Continuous Improvement
• Delivery Check

QUASAR Solutions also proposes manufacturing monitoring giving a synthetic overview of all events with an incidence on the production units. QUASAR Solutions is part of the Awensys Group.

An operational steering tool via key information recovery

The QUASAR suite is a complete tool for a Total Quality and Continuous Improvement approach. This user-friendly system responds to all your monitoring and management needs. Data is recovered in the form of key indicators in order to master manufacture processes ever better.
The key: customer service

We’ve progressed thanks to our clients and our technological watch. For 25 years we’ve been applying ourselves to developing our software to its greatest potential. Our clients have been our key partner all this time and expect such reactivity and adaptability from us.

We thus give our clients the highest priority through diverse means of contact that enthuse us every day. Mutual trust and their expectations inspire us to set and reach ever higher objectives. QUASAR Solutions is dedicated to providing the serenity necessary for industrial clients who entrust us with this mission.


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