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  • SPC
  • B.I. indicators
    QUASAR’s Business Intelligence tool enables the access to your strategic information and all data sources in the form of dynamic summary tables or graphs.
    Easily create your customized management charts and make your key indicators handy. The user no longer needs to bother with unnecessary technical aspects and can focus on their activities. This represents significant efficiency gains for the company.
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    The characteristics of the QUASAR B.I. tool
    A rich and intuitive (...)
  • Service
    QUASAR makes you benefit from its 25 years of expertise to guide you and help you carry out your projects.
    To do this, we provide you with a service offer that is articulated during the deployment phase, then during the operational phase in order to propose a product customization adapted to your very needs.
    Service approach
    The right tool isn’t sufficient on its own ; only its adaptation to the company’s needs and expectations can guarantee success. Our methods have continuously evolved (...)
  • Training Programs
    The team QUASAR works closely to its users with proper training programs adapted to the companies’ needs. Our training courses will allow you to broaden your knowledge and enjoy an optimal use of our software. Training program topics
    • Quality
    • Metrology
    • Product Management
    • Process Management
    • Decision Support Tools and Analysis,
    • Lean Management.
    You will be coached by our highly experienced consultants. They will find the solutions to your industrial challenges.
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  • Support
    For all your support needs, you can contact our support team every working day from 8:30am to 6:30pm, dial +33 (0)4 50 69 30 67.
    Headquarters :
    15, route de Nanfray
    74960 – CRAN GEVRIER
    France A dedicated team, fully committed to our customers’ satisfaction
    Acquiring QUASAR also means having access to the technical support service. Therefore, you have access to the technical expertise of our teams who remain available at all times. The support team answers all the questions our users (...)
  • Who are we ?
    QUASAR Solutions is a software company that has been publishing and integrating quality control and manufacturing monitoring software for over 25 years. Over 6 000 workstations have been deployed worldwide. Our software suite allows you to manage and control the quality in your company and monitor your production units.
    Placing Quality Control at the core of your information system
    Originally provider of Quality Control and Manufacturing Monitoring solutions, QUASAR Solutions has (...)
  • The Group
    The AWENSYS group, composed of QUASAR Solutions, OBILOG and AGILIUM offer your company solutions to manage or complete its Information System.
    QUASAR Solutions alongside OBILOG and AGILIUM
    The Group was created to develop and implement tools with three strategic axes :
    • Publishing software packages in response to information system and key point challenges in your company : BPM (Business Process Management), quality and production control, … • Developing field-specific decision support (...)
  • References
    QUASAR Solutions is mainly aimed at SMEs and large industrial groups in a wide range of sectors (Automotive, Aeronautics, Pharmaceuticals, Food industry, etc.). With over 30 years of experience, we now have more than 500 customers and 6,000 users worldwide.
    Aéroport Marseille Provence
    It’s an international airport in the French department Bouches-du-Rhône with 1,200,000 passengers who transited there in 2014 which corresponds to an average daily passenger flow of a little more than 3,287. (...)
  • Contact us
    QUASAR Solutions is specialized in the editing and integration of Quality Control, Production Monitoring / M. E. S and Traceability solutions.
    For any request, please complete the form below or contact us by phone at : +33 (0)4 50 64 10 33


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