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Monitor the quality level during production from inspection plans made up of dimensional or attributive characteristics. This module allows real-time availability of batch control information, a large statistical data capacity for a better knowledge of process indicators and a better reactivity when faced with production hazards.

The specifics of QUASAR-SPC

The objective of the SPC is to assess in a preventive way the competence of the process according to specifications by constantly analyzing its performances in relation to a baseline situation, and to intervene as soon as a drift is detected.

The SPC QUASAR module is part of a self-checking approach, allowing the technician to monitor the quality level during production by managing inspection plans, made up of dimensional or attributive characteristics. The results are presented in graphs to show the variability of the processes under study.

The implementation of the QUASAR-SPC module can be progressive, from simple measurements for traceability of production data to real-time detection of SPC drifts.

Parameterization and access rights simplify entry screens for operators. All the events are recorded in a logbook. Analysis functions allow to study the production normality.

QUASAR-SPC Advantages

  • Maintain processes within nominal situation tolerances
  • Defect prevention thanks to self-assessment
  • Processes variation identification so as to establish comparative evaluation rules
  • Real time workshop quality monitoring
  • Production quality improvement
  • Increasing continuous quality improvement

Functions and configuration

SPC inspection plan implementation

  • Averages
  • Medians
  • Ranges
  • Standard deviations
  • Mobile averages
  • Individual values
  • Demerits
  • EWMA
  • Short series
  • Attributes (c/p/np/u)
  • Multi-fingerprint mode

Measurement acquisition with all instrument and automaton types

  • Manual entry
  • RS 232 instruments
  • Multiplexers
  • Barcodes
  • Calculation formulae
  • IEEE connections
  • 3D machines
  • Automaton / Robots
  • File import
  • Data collectors
  • Tactile
  • Function keys
  • Security filters

Analysis, reports and indicators

  • Histogram
  • Gauss curve
  • Normal probability plot
  • Kolmogorov curve
  • Production video
  • Logbook
  • Pareto of flaws
  • Recording per team
  • Multi-norm indicators
  • Illustrated reports

Meeting various norms

  • QS-9000 / FORD
  • ...

Graphic and statistical monitoring

  • Product characteristics
  • Process characteristics
  • Total traceability with logbook


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