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The service-oriented QUASAR approach

QUASAR puts its 25 years of expertise at your disposal when accompanying the realisation of your projects. We offer a large range of services, defined at the deployment stage and refined during the exploitation phase of the project, so as to personalise the product and closely meet your needs.

Service approach

The right tool doesn’t suffice in itself ; only its adaptation to the needs and expectations of the company and the field can guarantee success. Our methods have continuously evolved from the very first application and through every generation. Our consultants’ expertise will allow you to become increasingly agile and to use the tool to its greatest efficiency. During the entire project, our teams are available to attentively accompany you and the project to success.

The services we provide when accompanying your project
• Needs’ analysis
• Identification of specificities
• Personalised tool development
• Data transfer
• Personalised training / knowledge optimisation
• Version update
• Optimisation of the Decision Support System
• Sharing of experiences in the « QUASAR Community »
• QUASAR Community events (user group, theme days…)

A software publisher close to its clients

Who’s better suited than you, the user, to make our products evolve? We attach great importance to conserving close contact to our clients via diverse modes: customer space, user group, theme days, newsletter… They all enhance each other to nurture a long-lasting partnership!

Our service partners

In addition to advisory, assistance and training activities, our service partners bring along their expertise in quality system management and assist our clients in keeping their company dynamic and in continuous progress.

Expertise in Quality Management

Our Quality Management Advisory Services:
• strategy, revision and progress objective planning, including management support in quality leadership
• skills’ transfer and application of management tools
• support in choosing, launching and implementing quality projects
• implementation of a process approach


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