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Scrap Management

Enter and analyze your production waste in order to assess the relevance of your production strategies.

QS-REBUTS* specifics

*Rebuts = French for “production scrap or waste”

QS-REBUTS takes into account the entire detection/counting process up to the dashboard display on the supervisor’s workstation, corrective actions and results.

Scrap detection and identification may be set in real time, automatic or after filtering of an inter-operation control. The control results have a direct influence on the production rates and OEE.

All actors, especially the production operators, have access to these dashboards in order to react to production drifts as quickly as possible.

QS-REBUTS helps operators react well and quickly thanks to easily exploitable graphics and data.

QUASAR Waste Monitoring advantages

Enter and analyze your production waste in order to assess and adapt your production unit strategies.

QS-Rebuts’ — Functional scope

Entry of defects

  • A defects plan, validated by the quality department, defines various types of defects.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation between defect types.
  • The defect quantity may be entered automatically via a connected meter or manually by an operator
  • Errors are impossible : a defect collection may be put online.

Scrap distribution

  • The identified defects are displayed according to the Pareto principle in alphabetical order.
  • The pertinence of actions is assessed using filter criteria
  • Defect distribution display in number or percentage

Scrap analysis

  • Scrap evolution display
  • Filter criteria : production mode, item reference, production order…
  • Analysis of defect type and/or defect
  • Scrap cost display (accessible to operators)


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