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QS-RECEP | Incoming inspection

Manage the quality level of external supplies with statistical batch inspections on registered incoming products. Depending on the reception history, the application will determine the type of measurement to be performed. The batch will be accepted or rejected based on the collected results and the expected quality level.

QUASAR Incoming Quality Control – The specifics

The QUASAR incoming inspection allows you to inspect the products before they are put away and to eliminate non-quality by assessing the quality of parts, goods or commodities stemming from suppliers. This guarantees the maximum quality level of the supplies entering your company and the optimal performance of your suppliers.

Based on the incoming goods history, QUASAR will determine the manufacturing conformity of products, parts and subsets to be inspected according to the dynamic sampling plans (sampling size, inspection frequency, AQL, etc.) set up. These plans are configurable by the user or pre-defined according to the standards Afnor, ISO and the Military Standard...

Who is the Incoming goods Inspection for ?

  • The Industrial sector
    The QUASAR Incoming Quality Control tool helps the quality controller and quality manager to make a decision, allowing them to avoid material shortages in the workshop (particularly in just-in-time manufacturing), and to limit the causes of non-conformities in the industrial process. The goods received can come from an external system such as ERP or CAMM.
  • Agribusiness and Mass Distribution
    The QUASAR Incoming inspection system allows distributors and food industry professionals to control the conformity of goods coming from suppliers according to specifications. The controls are carried out on representative samples with several tests : colouring, appearance defects, size, firmness, juiciness... The approval report justifies the decision to accept or refuse the batch.

QUASAR Incoming Quality Control – Key strengths

  • Standard product
  • Standardized or customized test plans
  • Dynamic check class management
  • Efficient and flexible configuration
  • Reception import via ERP / CAMM
  • Real-time batch release or rejection
  • Web Module

Functions and configuration

Statistical control of batches of registered goods

  • Reception traceability
  • Receptions to be inspected or not
  • Receptions history
  • Sampling check plan
  • Confidence Plans
  • Automatic class change
  • ERP links

Dynamic sample frequency management

  • Carries out the inspection and determines acceptance or rejection of a given reception batch

Supplier tracking, action plans in function of control results

  • Supplier evaluation sheet
  • Quality claim form
  • Supplier action request
  • Non-conformity report
  • Internal tracking
  • Non-quality cost

Control report

  • Control report generation
  • Choice of receipts to be checked
  • List choices
  • Dimension inspection
  • Attribution inspection
  • Rejection threshold by characteristic / criticality
  • Batch results
  • Deviation management

Entry possibilities

  • Manually
  • RS232 instruments
  • Automatically
  • File import


  • External supply assessment
  • Report by characteristic
  • Supplier rating
  • Supplier grading
  • ERP or CAMM connection


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