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QS-FAB | Manufacturing Monitoring

The application enables the production to be controlled in real time, with a connection to the machines for data collection or manual inputs from touchscreen interfaces. Data is consolidated in dashboards to control production activities and obtain a synthetic view of workshop events.

The specifics of QUASAR Manufacturing Monitoring

QUASAR-FAB allows a real monitoring of your workshop : information on the causes of downtimes, automatic counting of scrap, production indicators, quality rate... The module gives an overview of all the events affecting the production units : workshop, line, island, machine, etc. Measurements are made via direct connections to the machines or via touchscreen interfaces in manual input by the production teams.

A detailed analysis of machine times and downtime causes (setting breaks, breakdowns, running out of material…) completes the information collected for the production supervisors and operators.

The production data is accessible in real time thus allowing an analysis of various machine productivity rates : OEE, Machine Quality rate, economic performance rate…and of the relevance the taken actions.

QUASAR Manufacturing monitoring is available in touchscreen mode and is completely adapted to workshop environments. This is the way to obtain optimal control over the production process.

The advantages of QUASAR Manufacturing monitoring

  • Traceability of production data
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Overview of machinery thanks to a synopsis
  • Monitoring of correct production quantity and waste
  • Control of the machine’s production rate
  • Graphic & forecast dashboard indicators
  • Easy to use, ergonomic, touchscreen interface

Functions and configurations

Real time progress and achieved manufacturing monitoring

  • Monitoring per batch in order to guarantee the traceability of your production batches

Machine and workshop data acquisition

  • Operation/break times, quantities, raw materials’ consumption, production line, autonomous production units, machines, characteristic monitoring

This acquisition is carried out directly :

  • from central machine units (PC industrial terminals) using an adapted communication protocol.
  • from machine digital output.
  • from inductive sensors we install for this purpose.
  • via the adjunction of electronic counting charts.

Alarm management

Alarmt or blocking depending on a meter

Integrated SPC

For a quality improvement approach

Integrated indicators

Obtain real time indicator access and monitor production according to the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) principle : plans, quantities, objectives, waste percentage, frequency upholding, finishing, estimated end date, internal resource performance...

MMI (Man Machine Interface) Managers workstations adapted to your needs

  • Manager workstations: these are the networked computers/workstations on which is installed the QS-FAB application. The collected data helps manage machine creation, break causes, send production/work orders on the MMI’s and to summarise.
  • Man Machine Interfaces: allow for automated collection of production data : production time, break time, quantities, etc. and allow to consult production/work order related data. Finishing plans, data sheets, diagrams, etc. These MMIs can be connected to machines, measuring instruments, light columns, barcode readers and scales.

Operational analysis

Operational analysis

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis


Implementation On a server, managerial workstations and MMIs
Multi-site management Yes
Support Consulting and hotlines
Training Production monitoring training, SPC, Quality Management
Price list According to price quotes
Information Upon request



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