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Ensure traceability and the exactitude of your measurements by managing your measuring instruments with QUASAR Metrology.

QUASAR Measurement management – specificities

The QS-METRO module enables a digitalised measurement instrument management using event logs for each machine. The events are accessible using filters (localisation, family, instrument type...) and access can be scheduled thanks to alarms. Calibration and configuration procedures can be completely customised or be imported into a spreadsheet file such as Excel.

QS-METRO makes possible the traceability of external calibration by attributing documentation to registered certificates. QS-Metro includes capability calculation, Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC), Repeatability and Reproducibility (R & R) indicators, as well as measurement uncertainty evaluation. These analytical functions ascertain lateness, state, cost and availability indicators of your instruments.

Whom is QUASAR-Metrology destined for?

Measurement management is a central component of a quality approach and comprises all measurement techniques, the guarantee of their effectiveness and their interpretation.

QUASAR measurement management is for all industrialists working towards measurement traceability and exactitude to master production and end product quality. In this sense, metrology contributes significantly to a company’s competitiveness.

QUASAR Metrology – Strong points

  • Traceability of measurement means
  • Centralisation of quality procedure
  • Simplification of external audits
  • Metrology operation scheduling
  • Continuous data transfer

Functions and configuration

Filling out instrument device event logs

  • Identification
  • Arborescence (organisational tree structure)
  • Instrument functions
  • Characteristics and classes
  • Operator management
  • Attribution via localisation and references
  • Document and scheme association
  • Operation scale
  • Periodicity and alarms

Calibration, verification and maintenance operation scheduling…

  • Homologation
  • Capabilities (R&R / CMC)
  • Measurement uncertainties
  • Movements
  • Personalised procedures
  • Excel links
  • Standardised reports
  • Calibration curves

Worksheet Generation

  • By date
  • By localisation
  • By instrument
  • By arborescence
  • By operation
  • By scheduling
  • By reference

Analysis with personalised criteria

  • Lateness indicators
  • State of measurement instrument installation
  • Availability
  • Number and cost of events
  • Immobilisation cost by: localisation, instrument, reference…
  • Localisation, history for given localisation
  • Excel link possible

Multiple norm management

  • QS-9000 / FORD
  • MS1
  • ...


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