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QS-METRO | Metrology

Ensure the traceability and accuracy of your measurements by managing your measuring instruments with the QUASAR Metrology module. This module is a real asset management tool. It manages the production and control means and the production tools. This involves monitoring preventive interventions (calibration, maintenance, etc.) and curative interventions (repairs, etc.).

The characteristics of QUASAR Metrology

The QUASAR-METRO module allows the computer management of all your measuring instruments. You can list and classify them through data sheets. Events are traced, which ensures that your equipment complies with current quality standards. Calibrations, whether performed internally or externally, are simplified.

The QUASAR-METRO module also allows the traceability of external calibrations by linking documents to registered certificates. It includes the calculation of capabilities, CMC and R&R indicators, as well as the evaluation of measurement uncertainties. Some analysis functions calculate the indicators for delay, status, cost and availability of your equipment.

Who is QUASAR-METRO for ?

At the heart of companies’ quality approach, the measurement management includes the techniques used to carry out measurements, guarantee their reliability and interpret them.

The management of metrology is therefore addressed to all industrialists who wish to ensure traceability and accuracy of their measurements in order to control their manufacturing processes and ensure the quality of their products. To that extent, metrology makes a major contribution to business competitiveness.

QUASAR Metrology – Key Strengths

  • Traceability of measurement means
  • Centralization of quality procedure
  • External audits made easy
  • Metrology operation scheduling
  • Continuous data transfer

Functions and configuration

Filling out instrument device event logs

  • Identification
  • Organisational tree structure
  • Instrument functions
  • Characteristics and classes
  • Operator management
  • Attribution via localisation and references
  • Document and scheme association
  • Operation scale
  • Periodicity and alarms

Calibration, verification and maintenance operation scheduling…

  • Homologation
  • Capabilities (R&R / CMC)
  • Measurement uncertainties
  • Movements
  • Personalised procedures
  • Excel links
  • Standardised reports
  • Calibration curves

Worksheet Generation

  • By date
  • By localisation
  • By instrument
  • By tree structure
  • By operation
  • By scheduling
  • By reference

Analysis with customized criteria

  • Delay indicators
  • Measurement instrument installation report
  • Availability
  • Number and cost of events
  • Immobilisation cost by: localisation, instrument, reference…
  • Localisation, history for given localisation
  • Excel link

Multiple norm management

  • QS-9000 / FORD
  • MS1
  • ...


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