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B.I. indicators

QUASAR’s Business Intelligence tool enables the access to your strategic information and all data sources in the form of dynamic summary tables or graphs.

Easily create your customized management charts and make your key indicators handy. The user no longer needs to bother with unnecessary technical aspects and can focus on their activities. This represents significant efficiency gains for the company.

The characteristics of the QUASAR B.I. tool

  • A rich and intuitive interface to select, manipulate and organize your data and then publish it for your users via a web browser
  • The data is organized and well displayed without any formatting from diverse sources
  • Multiple analysis from complete data sources.
  • Real time aggregated or detailed data in order to obtain very detailed indicators
  • Data storage linking information from multiple sources, easy-to-use thanks to easily created links to exploit data in real time
  • Clear, elegant, configurable presentation: line and bar graphs, curves, pie charts, cross tables, perceptual maps. They’re all dynamic and can be edited in real time by a simple mouse-click.
  • Data directly exportable to PowerPoint documents or in .html format.
  • Easily published data thanks to a web browser.

QUASAR Solutions B.I. tool - Benefits

  • Access to relevant and dynamic indicators in order to make the right decisions
  • Easy data comparison and consolidation
  • Data exchange thanks to access in web mode
  • Real time data display
  • Quick user-friendly data display

Key indicators package included in module

B.I. users want flexible tools that allow them to explore their specific needs without extensive training. QUASAR supplies an exhaustive indicator panel so the user may easily take their first steps with this tool. Get to know the tool simply and quickly.

Quality indicators are available at various levels: defect cost and number, traceability info, capability analysis per characteristic…

This working base enables the user to launch Business Intelligence examples. Thus proceeding, the tool’s power unfolds naturally since it’s easy-to-use and very visual.


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