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Non-conformities Management

Manage non-conformities observed on your finished or in-process products and your corrective action plans as part of a continuous improvement approach.

QUASAR Non-conformities and corrective actions — The characteristics

Based on a continuous improvement approach the QS-NC/AC allows the tracking and management of non-conformities :

  • End product or in production process (Internal non-quality),
  • Supplier related (External non-quality),
  • Customer related (Customer service)

Entry can be done via pre-coded lists or pre-established tables. One may easily establish defect lists from bar codes. Organisational tree charts make the navigation easy. Each user has their log-in and thus can configure their own operational mode.

Functions and configuration

Supplier or customer non-conformity declarations

  • Contributor / Date
  • Localisation
  • Causes
  • Assignement
  • References
  • Quantities (defect, scrap, adjustment, derogation)
  • Cost management
  • Compensation management
  • Commentary/Drawing
  • Bar code entry/mobile
  • ERP links

Action plans implementation

  • Preventive, corrective
  • Opening date
  • Implementation date
  • Effective end date
  • Dynamic progress status
  • Referees
  • Actions (commentary, pre-coded lists)
  • Multiple criteria searches
  • Mail links

Workflow Links for alert configuration

  • Automatic feedback alerts
  • Notification of completed actions

Multiple criteria exploitation

  • Pareto
  • Evolutions (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Ppm analysis, NQ cost
  • Grouping criteria (references, suppliers, customers, localisation…)
  • Graphic options
  • File export


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